Corporate Profile

Back in 1986, it started as a dream project and during these 30 years, we have touched many lives, becoming a motivation for many. We have built an image worthy of respect by focusing on the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. Our projects are much more than mere buildings.


Our expertise comes from various commercial and residential projects which we have successfully completed ranging from housing societies to shopping malls etc. We have covered a wide area by working in several states; these include Rajasthan, Haryana, New Delhi, and Uttarakhand. Our projects are present in major Indian cities like Faridabad, Haridwar, Jaipur, Rewari, Noida, Delhi and Gurugram.

We are now one of the major real estate development firms in India. In the last 30 years, we have gained a reputation as an expert in building modern structures covering housing and commercial sectors alike.

Our method of working does not solely follow the trends rather we focus on innovative methods for achieving excellence. More than 52 projects have been timely delivered by us across India, making us known for timely deliveries.


The projects which we have delivered or which are under construction, all of them are an example of our innovative approach; the same applies to the ones that are under planning stage. The success of our innovative approach is based on a thorough planning process and the cutting edge technology which we use to help us realize our plans perfectly. The structures we have constructed represent the promises which we have fulfilled.

Our unmatched success is a direct result of our continuous perusal of quality and excellence. Our unshakable focus on customer satisfaction, strengthen this approach of ours. We believe in, and try to achieve quality construction and customer satisfaction in every project. At this firm, we fully realize the value of your hard earned money and our aim is to provide true value of your money.


We continuously work alongside the best of this industry in India. Birla ready mix and JK ready mix are few of the leading ready-mix concrete suppliers with which we have tie-ups.

Our track record has made it possible that we are recognized as a reputed, successful, profitable real estate company. Wherever the leading promoters and builders of commercial and housing projects are discussed our name is always included, all across the country. Apart from our individual achievements and successes the projects which we have completed in collaboration with the best of this industry have also achieved the same level of success.

We have an excellent team of in-house architects and other experts; we supplement their efforts by working with reputable firms like Andelys Associates Private Limited, Vidyarthi and Associates, Consulting Engineering Services India Limited, GC Sharma and sons, etc. The manpower involved in all our projects are very skilled and experts of their crafts.